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Learn to sail in downtown Toronto with St. James Town Sailing Club! We are a cooperatively run, community sailing club. Our members sail all summer in Toronto, without owning a boat!

We are over 200 sailors from a wide variety of occupations and backgrounds: from students to bankers, lawyers to artists. Membership is on a first come, first serve basis and everyone 19 years or older is welcome.


We're more than a sailing club: we are a community. J-Town is what you want it to be. For some, it is a race training centre. For others, it's our weeknight watering hole and cottage by the lake. It can be both as well!

We are not a yacht club.We don't have a fancy over-priced restaurant, an on-site bar, or a pool with towel service. We do have gourmet member-cooked meals, you can bring your own drinks, and Lake Ontario is our swimming pool!!!


You don't need to buy a boat to sail every day! The club owns 28 boats, which you can take any time, for free with your membership.

For less than $50 / month (annualized), you can sail any time, as much as you want.


J-Town members not only get unlimited access to club boats, you get access to our serene lakefront retreat. Just minutes away from the downtown core, but comfortably nestled away from the busy bustle of the city, we are Toronto's best kept secret!


Learn to sail in Toronto with St. James Town Sailing Club! We offer sailing lessons with Sail Canada-certified instructors. And there are loads of opportunities for leisure sailing or racing once your course is complete.

Already know how to sail? Join us and take an old salt test for unlimited access to our fleet!

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