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Student MEALS

Shared meals are a highlight of the community experience at J-Town. During a course, meals are a great way to chat with students and instructors, as well as other members who may be around the clubhouse.

On the first day of a course, the club usually orders pizza for students. But after that, students take turns bringing food. For each class, usually one student brings a main course; another salad and bread; and a third brings dessert. We have a fridge, stove, oven, prep area and a barbecue. The meal is held after class for evening classes, and usually at lunch for full-day classes.

To split meal expenses, students have successfully used the Splitwise app, with one student in the class co-ordinating the setup. But it is up to the students in a class how they want to organize expenses.

Students don’t have to participate in meals, and you won’t have to split expenses if you don’t participate.

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