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Our Boats

From the thrill of planing to the chill of watching the sun set over Toronto's sky line, sailing in Toronto's has it all.  Navigate these waters on one of the following club boats;

16 Albacores

Albacore is a 15-foot, two-person dinghy sailboat. Toronto has a large concentration of Albacore sailboats, between us and other community and private clubs. Albacores are good learning boats as they are simple and stable, but also a provide challenge to all levels of sailors. 

7 ILCA Dinghies

ILCA Dinghies (Lasers) are small, single-person sailing dinghies. Robust, simple to rig and sail, responsive, and a whole lot of fun to sail and race!!! 

One of the most popular single-handed dinghies in the world! Find out why.

3 Nacra 500 Catamarans

Nacras are catamarans: two-person, double-hulled sail craft that can really move.  Sailors use harnesses to lean outside of the boat when the wind gets high. 

An ideal craft for those craving speed, or the comfort of a trampoline on a hot summer's day. 


To understand the boats and their handling better, check out some videos of our fleet in action!

(i) Albacore
(ii) Albacore, Laser, and catamaran
(iii) Nacra 500

2 Byte CII's