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Wednesday Night Dinner

  • 15 Aug 2018
  • 8:00 PM
  • J-Town Clubhouse
  • 13


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Wednesday Night Dinner and Social Sail
Come down for a sail and Dinner or just come for dinner!

Hosted by: Julie and Christine

Once full, Join WaitList if you still want some dinner


A Greek inspired dinner. 


Sail and dine with your fellow J-Towner's. Each week J-Towner's make their signature dishes for you. It's approximately $10 CASH per person or just enough to cover the cook's costs. Be sure to sign up by Monday, so the chef knows how many guests they will be accommodating.

See you there!

NOTE:  If you sign up, you are expected to attend If you can't attend at the last minute, then sell your space to someone else. (The cook should never be out-of-pocket on costs because you signed up and didn't show up)

Forgot to sign up? Contact the chef and see if they can accommodate you. You can find emails in the Member's Directory in the Member's Section of this website. You can also contact Social@sailtoronto.com but that will not guarantee you a spot. 

FAQ on Wednesday night Dinners (For New Members)

What is Wednesday Night Dinner?
Join in for a Social sail prior before (get to the club house around 6:00pm)  and come back to the dock at 8:15pm to enjoy a relaxing dinner with friends and member.  If you don't have a sailing partner, no problems! There's always someone on the deck ready to take you out..

Are you on the Wait List?
Sign up early as we limit every Wednesday night dinner to 30 members. (The chefs have to plan for an approximate number of individuals to cook for). If you are on the wait list, there may still be food available for you. E-mail or call the chef directly (or e-mail me - communications@sailtoronto.com) to see if they can accommodate you. Usually if you are #31 or #32 you are likely safe for food but if you are #60 it might not be possible.

What happens when I don't Sign Up?
Every Wednesday Night, we accommodate the first 30 members that sign up first plus the first few that are on the Wait-List. If you miss sign-up, you will have to be at the back of the line and there might not be enough food for you so basically, you are taking your chances.

Can I come for Dinner Only because I think its too windy (or lack of wind) to Sail?
Of course you can. You don't need to sail to attend a WND. Show up at 8;30pm and treat yourself to a meal prepared by one of our enthusiastic and passionate members. Don't forget to sign-up for dinner and pay the chefs roughly $10 to accommodate their resources.

Can I Bring Guests?
Guests are always welcome to WND. You can show them our little piece of paradise 30 minutes away from Toronto. This is a good way to introduce new people to our club. Make sure you sign-up your guests on sign-up though.

Why is Dinner so late?
We usually like to sail when the sun is out (or near sun-down). Its better to do a social sail before hand, watch the sunset from a boat and later enjoy a relaxing dinner with friends when the sun comes down. Sailing in the night is dangerous and is strictly not allowed at the club! Dinner usually starts at 8:30pm but you will hear a dinner bell when the chefs think dinner is ready!

Want to try your hand and challenge yourself cooking for 30 eager members?
These Wednesday night Dinners are usually extravaganza but they dont need to be. If you want to challenge yourself, Click Here to sign up as a chef to try your hand to cook for 30 people. E-mail our WND Coordinator (Mary Neumann) for more information. (Remember, cooking is a team effort so recruit your friends or your CanSail Class and do it as a team!)

Do I have to reserve a boat for Wednesday Night Social Sail and Dinner?
No, we don't reserve boats at our club. The 16 Albacores, 4 catamarans and 7 lasers and 2 Bytes are on a first come first serve basis. Try and get down to the club early to get a boat to be on the water. There is usually enough boats in our fleet to accommodate everyone. Usually 5;30pm or 6;00pm is when people start to gather and meet.

Hope this answers most of your questions on one of our most popular nights during the summer season.

Any other questions, don't hesitate to e-mail me at communications@sailtoronto.com and I will try to answer you.