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Docks Out! All hands on deck

  • 04 Nov 2017
  • 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM
  • St James Town Sailing Club

Docks Out!

  • Start at 8:30am. Crane will be Here early.

  • Our House Chair (Daniel M.) is specifically looking for 4 people to show up at 8:30am to help build the Boat Racks for the albacores. E-mail house@sailtoronto.com if you want to assist.

  • Chris Bennett and Liana G. are leading the charge for Brunch on Docks Out. However, they do need a few more volunteers to help prep food. Please e-mail social@sailtoronto.com if you wish to get involved. 

  • This is when our crane comes to haul out our wooden docks. There will be a lot of work to be done. (De-rigging of albacores, Flipping of albacores on the racks and winterizing our albacores on our wonderful Dinghy fleet).

  • Crane comes early (around 9;00am) so we would need All Hands on Deck to help out. It takes a small (yet effective) village to winterize J-Town for the upcoming cold, winter months ahead. The more members we can get out, the faster the work will get done!