Regatta Season is Here. What if I Need to Pee?

24 Jul 2014 12:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
As summer sets properly in, regattas abound. These wonderful events offer exhilarating competition, often fitting 5 or more races in through the course of a day.

Obviously you want to be racing for the finish line. You certainly don't want to be racing back to the dock to use the facilities. What's a dinghy sailor to do?

When you're out on the water for long hours, you're probably going to find yourself cross legged and miserable at one point or another.

For advice on how best to handle this sticky situation, we went straight to the D'Souza, who had this wisdom to impart:

"How to pee from a boat? Centreboard trunk is a discrete and classy way to go, though only marginally more-so than a full-moon hike while planed out on a beam reach. Both sexes:  jumping over and pissing while holding on to the gunwale... And of course there's always the old standard: jumping overboard and pretending to swim. Personally though, I think standing on the centreboard during a 90 degree capsize is the way to go."

There you have it folks. The solution to pollution is dilution. And don't forget that the bailer is versatile tool, arguably a vertiable swiss army knife when dealing with any water-related emergency. Decide what works for you and go for it.
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